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With this browser app you can quickly view metadata of Arri Raw files (*.ari) inside your browser with a simple Drag and Drop of the files. Additionally you can download the metadata in csv or json format for further use.

The code of this project will be soon released on github after some cleanup and improvements to view Arri Amira metadata.


A curated list of all open source vfx projects and resources used widely in the visual effects industry.


WIP - A complete port of OpenEXR 2.2 to Javascript for a new generation of high-dynamic-range browser-based approval workflows.


A curated list of all in-business VFX facilities around the globe.


What is the secret sauce to build your own IT driven vfx studio? This list contains open source resources you will definitely need if you are planning to build or enhance IT in your post-production/vfx studio.


WIP - A curated dynamic list of all in-business VFX facilities around the globe.