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Colour | Digital Cinema Society on ACES

In this one hour talk at the Panasonic Hollywood Lab Joseph Slomka(Fotokem), David McClure(MTI Film), Jim Houston(Starwatcher Digital/AMPAS), David Stump(ASC) talk about the challenges and advantages of the Academy Color Encoding Specification(ACES).

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News | RenderMan for free

Ed Catmull from Pixar announced a new amazing pricing model for RenderMan:

  • FREE for non-commerical use
  • $495 per license for commerical use
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Infrastructure | How to establish password-less login with SSH

In present (post production) IT infrastructure many different workstations, servers etc. have to be maintained on a daily basis. When running on *nix operating systems, the main tool to log into and execute arbitrary code on a remote machine is SSH .

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DaVinci Resolve | How to backup, optimize and restore the Davinci Resolve database via commandline

DaVinci Resolve interally uses a PostgreSQL database to store projects and a plethora of other information. While there are options in the GUI to backup, optimize and restore the database - they are not very helpful for automated backup workflows in post production companies.

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Previz | Pixar's Presto demonstration at GTC 2014

A very rare glimpse at Pixar’s Presto animation software at Nvidia GTC conference 2014. In this demonstration Presto uses the power of Nvidia’s GPUs to realize realtime rendering, while the presenter is animating example shots from Monster’s University.

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